Welcome, I’m Kara.

The idea behind Busy Is My Bag started shortly after my son was born. We travelled a lot those first few years - on vacation or to see family. To ensure that each journey I took him on went smoothly I created activity kits which are also known as 'busy bags'. Having previously taught English to children ages 4-5 I found it easy to come up with ideas!  My son loved the kits and I found them so helpful so I created more and then started gifting them to friends. As a result requests came in for me to make more for their friends too. That's when the idea for Busy Is My Bag came to life.

I hope you find them as useful as we do. The small, lightweight, reusable, quiet and education nature of each bag is a result of the learnings of many of my missteps of packing activities for travelling/restaurants/waiting rooms, etc. For example - the crayons are triangular because as I realized early on during a flight - round crayons roll very easily off the tray...and down the aisle...

Thanks for checking Busy Is My Bag out!