Caterpillar Game
Caterpillar Game

Caterpillar Game

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This busy bag contains a reusable, quiet, lightweight and portable activity for children ages 3+.  It is great for travelling and a fun way to keep occupied while developing fine motor skills.  The kit is made with laser cut stiffened felt and is ideally used in conjunction with a felt board.


  • 3 caterpillar heads
  • 18 caterpillar bodies
  • 1 colour dot die
  • 1 vinyl zip close bag (7"x9")

Learning Outcomes:

  • Colour Recognition
  • Game Playing
  • Fine Motor Skills


  • Each player is given a caterpillar head and 6 different colour caterpillar bodes.  Roll the colour dice and add the corresponding caterpillar segment to your caterpillar.  First player to use all of their pieces and complete the caterpillar wins.


  • Create one long caterpillar by continually rolling the dice and adding on the corresponding colours.
  • Start a colour pattern sequence for the child to try to continue

WARNING: Contains small items which could pose a choking hazard.