Robot Game
Robot Game

Robot Game

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This busy bag contains a reusable, quiet, lightweight and portable activity for children ages 3+.  It is great for travelling and a fun way to keep occupied while developing fine motor skills. The kit is made with laser cut stiffened felt and is used in conjunction with the double sided felt/magnetic board or a substitute such as a baking sheet.


  • 1 vinyl game board
  • 1 spinner
  • 3 game play tokens
  • 4 felt robot heads
  • 4 felt robot bodies
  • 8 sets of felt robot arms or legs
  • 1 vinyl zip close bag (7"x9")

Learning Outcomes:

  • Game Playing


  • Place all of the robot pieces in one pile and select a game play token to represent each player.  Players spin the spinner and move their token the corresponding number of spaces.  When they land on a spot, they pick up the same piece(s) from the pile, either a head, a body or two pieces to use as legs or arms.  The game is finished when all the pieces have been picked up.  Players can assemble the parts they've collected into robots made up of a head, a body, 2 arms and 2 legs.  The player with the most completed robots wins.


  • The first person to obtain all of the pieces to make a robot wins
  • The person who collects the most pieces to build 1 giant robot wins.
  • Use the felt pieces for imaginative play to create a variety of robots.

WARNING: Contains small items which could pose a choking hazard.