Turkey Weaving
Turkey Weaving
Turkey Weaving

Turkey Weaving

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This busy bag contains a reusable, quiet, lightweight and portable activity for children ages 3+.  It is great for travelling and a fun way to keep occupied while developing fine motor skills.  The kit is made with laser cut stiffened felt and is ideally used in conjunction with a felt board.


  • 1 felt turkey weaving shape
  • 1 felt apple weaving shape
  • 8 felt weaving strips
  • 1 vinyl zip close bag (7"x9")

Learning Outcomes:

  • Weaving


  • Weave the strips provides through the slits using an 'over, under, over, under' pattern.  Start with the first strip from the back and then pass it over the second cut and under the third and so forth.  Do the same for the second strip but start from the front at the second slit and alternate for each additional strip.